Don Clarke Enterprises, Inc. (“DCE”) leverages its global banking network to procure asset based financing for its clients.

DCE promises to do the following with speed and unparalleled expertise:

  1. Find a lender from our international lender base that is compatible to your business model.
  2. Work relentlessly with the lender to design a loan package and structure that fits your specific needs.
  3. Negotiate the asset advance rate parameters to fit your specific cash cycle gap funding.
  4. Negotiate the most favorable interest rate available based on your specific risk profile.
  5. Perform preliminary underwriting and analysis to present to the prospective lender thus expediting the waiting process for procuring proposal, commitment and eventual loan closing.
  6. Work with your business to prepare it for the due diligence audit to assure that this process is timely and seamless.
  7. Work closely with the lender during the underwriting process.